Bio Shredder


BIO-Shredder / Chippers BIO-100

It can be supplied with petrol or electric engine

Max. Cutting Diam 70 mm
Tractor's power range 15~25Hp
Max. Weight 125 Kgs

BIO-Shredder / Chippers BIO-190

The BIO 190 is a NEW GENERATION BIO-SHREDDER combining different systems used in shredding organic and vegetable waste

Max. Cutting Diam 100 mm
Tractor's power range 25~35Hp
Max. Weight 252 Kgs

BIO-Shredder / Chippers BIO-230

The Bio 230 comes in either petrol or diesel motor versions, with tractor power takeoff, or in a 380V electric motor version. Wood chip and compost chip fineness is adjusted by way of a sieve, to required size.

Max. Cutting Diam 120 mm
Tractor's power range 30~45Hp
Max. Weight 460 Kgs

BIO-Shredder / Chippers BIO-300

The shredder BIO 300 grinds vegetable refuse and assimilable materials such as green and dry prunings, soil, bark, wood packing, cardboard, etc.

Max. Cutting Diam 130~150 mm
Tractor's power range 30~45Hp
Max.production 10~12 m³/h