ABO Trading is the Distributor in Thailand of:

Hybrid PV system

General Features:

“Hybrid PV System” is a power system with more than one type ofgenerator,
usually a PV solar module and wind or diesel generator combine together to supply continuous power.
The Hybrid PV System is suitable for the remote areas or island where the cost of expansion main
utility grid is high. Hybrid PV System can be designed to be “Off-grid”
(Stand-alone) or “Grid-tie” (On-grid). There are several variations of
Hybrid solar PV system, depending on your needs and budget, ABO
customize every single system follow specific customer’s request from
small home system up business/commercial system. ABO can also provide a
packages with fully system complete DIY “ready to install” that can be
shipped everywhere in Thailand and also abroad.



A-Solar module
B-Solar charge controller Steca Power Tarom
C-Sine wave inverter Steca Xtender
D-Data logger Steca PA Tarcom
E-Current sensor (Shunt) Steca PA HS200
F-Wind turbines with inverter
G-Diesel generator
K-Public grid
L-Electrical load (230 V AC)