ABO Trading is the Distributor in Thailand of:

“Grid-tie” Inverter

General Features:
Solar Inverter converts the DC current in AC.
“Grid-tie” Inverter are designed to work connect directly with Solar PV array,
this mean that DC input no come from the battery as “Stand-alone” Inverter,
but directly from PV array and feed the AC current directly to the main system.
Please, note, grid-tie inverters shut down automatically upon loss of utility supply, for safety reason.
They do not provide backup power during utility outages.
“Grid-tie” Inverter is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter, also known as True Sine Wave produce a power wave that is identical to,
and in some case even better than original public grid.
ABO can offer you the optimal inverter for your system, whether being used is a small solar power system for a single-family house,
or an elaborate combined solution for an industrial complex.

StecaGrid300 & StecaGrid500
Power range: 300W ~ 3600W

StecaGrid3000, StecaGrid3600 & StecaGrid4200
Power range: 3000W ~ up to several 10000W

StecaGrid8000+ 3ph & StecaGrid10000+ 3ph
Power range: 8000W ~ up to MagaWatt