ABO Trading is the Distributor in Thailand of:

Grid backup PV System

General Features:

“Grid backup PV System” operate as “Off-grid PV system” but is also connect with main electric utility grid.
The feature of this kind of system is that can work in many different ways, commonly ABO set a system that in normal conditions,
the Inverter draw energy from battery only, that is charge by solar panel, this mean that 100% of energy is provide by the sun.
But in case battery’s power drop under voltage operational limit due higher load consumption or bad weather,
the system will switch automatically to main grid, the inverter will start to draw power from the main grid until the battery will be fully recharge by solar PV array.
Once battery will be fully recharge, the system will switch back to draw energy from battery as normal.
There are several variations of Grid backup solar PV system, depending on your needs and budget,
ABO customize every single system follow specific customer’s request from very small system with few Watt panels up 100KW.
ABO can also provide a packages with fully system complete DIY “ready to install” that can be shipped everywhere in Thailand and also abroad.

Grid backup


A-Solar module
B-StecaGrid inverter (single-phase or three-phase)
C-Sine wave inverter Steca Xtender (XTS, XTM, XTH)
D-Steca S-Box
E-Grid-feed electricity meter
F-Consumption electricity meter
I-Unsupplied loads (230 V AC)
K-&Public grid
L-Electrical load (230 V AC)