Solar Water Heater

ABO Trading is the Distributor in Thailand of:

Pressurized System

General Features:
Vacuum tube : Borosilcate glass 3.3, ALN/AIN SS-CU coating heat pipe inside the tube, 58×1800
Inner tank : SUS316L stainless steel, thickness 1.2mm
Out tank : Color Steel Plate; thickness: 0.4mm
Insulation layer : High density, one-off molding polyurethane foam
Bracket : Galvanized Steel Plate Painted; thickness: 1.5mm
Capacity : 105L-250L
Heat exchanger : Staninless steel corrugated pipe
Accessories : Electric Heater 1500W, Solar Controller, T/P
To Guarantee : 1 Years
Certifications : CE,Solar Keymark, ISO9001


ABO integrative pressurized series ia a renovation model for the solar hot water, which adopt advanced heat pipe technology combines heat pipe solar collector with pressurized tank to form a compact model. The vacuum tubes absorb and convert solar energy into thermal energy and transfer to the central heat pipe via the aluminium fin.
The heat pipes have tiny amount of purified water sealed inside at depressurized condition. When heated, the water inside the heat pipes vaporizes at low temperature, the vapor rises to the condenser and heat energy is conducted to water (inside the tank)


  1. Solve the problem of thermosiphon system’s low pressure hot water output.
  2. No water directly flowing in the tubes
  3. No corrosion or scale deposit.
  4. Adopting the best conduction performance metal-copper TU1 (heat pipe)
  5. No Glycol, No Chemicals!

Split Solar Pressurized System

General Features:
Collector : Heat pipe solar collector
Tank capacity : 200L-1,000L
Heat exchanger (inside tank) : Copper coil
Inner tank : SUS316L stainless steel
Auxiliary energy : Electirc heater 2000W
Expansion vessel : 8L / 12L / 18Liters
Accessories : Solar Controller
To Guarantee : 1 Years
Certifications : CE,Solar Keymark, ISO9001

The split solar water heating is an active system, using a circulation pump with a controller to circulate the fluid in the closed loop system. Storage tank and solar collector are separated, the collector is integrated with the building perfectly, while the tank and the pump station can be installed anywhere in the building.


  1. No disorder water tank on your roof.
  2. Suitable for domestic and commercial hot water
  3. Completely automatic operation by solar controller

Commercial/Industrial Solar Water Heater System

General Features:

With the development of the society and the continuous progress of human civillzation, people pay more and more close attention to save energy and protect the environment. Deviloping and utilizing renewable energy has become key project to research to every country.As grees, renewable and popular energy, solar energy has become the first important to develop, and we get great progress in this field,par-ticulariy in solar water heater line.Because of simple structure and cheap price,full glass vacuum tube solar water system has become the leading products in the market. Jinyi solar heating project suits to any plavce where hot water is needed,such as industry,dormitory,hotel,bathing pool,house and so on. We can carry out environmental protection and save energy without auxiliary energy or with little energy, Solar energy come from nature,it is clear and free so you can collect it at any place. We have opened up and developed lots of defferent kinds centre heating system to suit for defferent demands. With many years’practice, we have accumulated much experience, and cultivated technology personnel in designing , manufacturing and installation.