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Single-axis Tracking Systems for PV Modules

LORENTZ ETATRACK active tracking systems provide up to a 40 % higher yield from your PV modules. ETATRACK systems follow the sun through the day, this extends the time that useful power levels are delivered and maximises the peak power.
LORENTZ have been designing, manufacturing and selling tracking systems since 1998 with thousands of systems installed across the world.


  • Single axis design for cost effectiveness, reliability and efficiency
  • Simple design for fast, failure-free installation
  • High reliability and excellent serviceability lowers cost of ownership
  • Long life expectancy in line with PV modules for predictable financial planning
  • Short Return of Investment (ROI) cycle
  • Very attractive business case against fixed and dual axis PV installations


  • Single axis, 90° tracking angle East-West
  • Robust hot Zinc-coated steel frame
  • For ground installation on concrete foundation
  • Stainless steel module fixings
  • Maintenance-free DC linear drive
  • Sensorless control
  • Self-powered with very low energy consumption
  • Control options to synchronise multiple units
  • Designed for high wind speeds according to German and European standards



PS Communicator and pumpMANAGER

Remote Communication Device and Cloud Management Service

The LORENTZ PS Communicator and pumpMANAGER service combine to offer customers a cost effective full management and monitoring system for their LORENTZ pump estate. This is attractive to commercial farms, industrial processes, government or NGO monitoring and anywhere that water is critical to people, livestock or crops.

The PS Communicator sends data from each pump across the cellular (mobile) data network to a secure central web server application called pumpMANAGER. The pumpMANAGER application can be accessed from any web connected device anywhere in the world making access to information and control of your solar pumps simple and convenient. As the connection is two way the pumps can be programmed, speed controlled or switched off, providing full remote control.

The pumpMANAGER application also monitors the status of your LORENTZ pumps systems and will alert you if there are any unexpected events.


  • Actively monitor your water critical processes and applications, perfect for drinking water , livestock or irrigation
  • Monitor exactly what is happening on remote sites from one simple to use management screen
  • Have control of the time and quantity of water that is moved by your pumps from any web connected device
  • Have access to ready integrated, information rich services without the need to invest in expensive equipment or infrastructure
  • Allow your nominated service partner can gain access remotely to diagnose any performance issues
  • Pro-actively know when there is a problem and achieve the fastest resolution with minimal impact on your water supply
  • Auto configuring, low cost simple to buy and use service

PS Communicator

  • Self-contained controller and GPRS/cellular modem
  • Solar powered with backup battery
  • Automatically pairs with up to eight pumps that are in Bluetooth range – pumps must have PS DataModule installed
  • Connects to each pump in turn and sends current running data and status via the Internet to a central server
  • All data is encrypted and secure
  • Local irradiation measurement
  • Future proof design with over the air upgrades and hardware for additional inputs and outputsPump MANAGER
  • Remote monitoring configuration and management of LORENTZ pumps
  • Cloud based service for access from any internet enabled device (PC, tablet or cellphone)
  • Active reporting of any alerts or problems
  • Ability to switch on, switch off, monitor external sensors and control pump speed remotely
  • Inclusive monthly fee for cellular data access, application updates and web service
  • Customer, manager and technician views



PS DataModule and PumpScanner

Integrated Data Logger and Android ™ App

The LORENTZ PS DataModule is an integral data logger and remote control device for the whole PS range of helical, centrifugal and surface pumps. The PS DataModule and PumpScanner for Android ™ App open new opportunities in drinking water supply for people and livestock, irrigation and swimming pool applications. The PS Data- Module collects performance data from the pump system and stores it for periodic collection.

The PS DataModule uses Bluetooth ™ to communicate with the LORENTZ PumpScanner Android ™ App allowing secure real time data to be viewed and historic data to be collectied without physical connections.

The PS DataModule can be specificed on any PS pump systems and is embedded in the pump controller/ The PumpScanner App service version is free to use for approved LORENTZ partners. A one off lifetime fee is payable to activate the data logging services, activation can be made at any time.

The PS DataModule opens up a new world of information rich services previously unavailable at such an accessible price proint.


  • Provides clear pump and water source performance information for monitoring and future planning
  • Very professional diagnostic and information tools available on low cost Android ™ smart phones
  • Reduces fault finding time and cost
  • Identifies any pro-active service work that needs to be carried out


  • Provides real-time and stored data for

– voltages
– currents
– input and output power
– flow rates
– operating time
– head
– pump speed
– cable losses
– temperature, and more

  • Bluetooth ™ connectivity for secure contactless data transfer
  • Stores up to 10 years of data (at 10 minute frequency)
  • Two-way communication to control and program pump speeds and operating times
  • Connections for additional external sensors (flow and pressure)
  • LORENTZ PumpScanner for Android ™ App for viewing performance data
  • PumpScanner is available in Customer and Service Engineer versions